NBA Betting: 3 Best Bets To Win The NBA Title

The NBA season is halfway done, so with over 40 games having been played, which teams are the most likely to win the NBA championship later this year in June? Two answers seem obvious, but the number one answer might actually surprise you. See what you think of these selections and consider if they match your thought process or not right now:

1. San Antonio Spurs

This is a choice that’s sure to meet with a lot of disagreement and debate. Why should the Spurs be seen as the top choice to win the NBA title, not just the second or third choice? San Antonio is healthy at long last. This is a team that had not had all its pieces in order until this past week, when Kawhi Leonard finally returned to the team following a hand injury that had kept him out for several weeks. When Leonard came back, the Spurs looked as strong as they had been at their peak last season. They easily turned aside the Portland Trail Blazers, and then on Sunday, they smothered the Utah Jazz by holding them to only 69 points in another blowout victory. Leonard does so many things for the Spurs at both ends of the floor. He handles so many tough defensive assignments and can cover so much territory, handling so many responsibilities that the rest of his teammates are much less overextended and can be a lot more task-specific. Leonard’s ability to guard the other team’s best offensive player and to do so both on the perimeter and in the post relieves so much defensive pressure from everyone else on the San Antonio roster. This team should be able to work its way to a number three or four seed by the end of the season if it is healthy. Should San Antonio get that high a seed, especially the third seed, it wouldn’t have to face the next team until the Western Conference Finals, and it would probably be strong enough by then to win such a series:

2. Golden State Warriors

It is true that San Antonio, if healthy, will be a very tough team to beat, but Golden State can give the Spurs a real run for the money. The Warriors pushed San Antonio to six games two years ago in the playoffs, and Golden State is a lot better now. The big key for the Warriors, who have a positive point differential of almost 11 points – which is really huge, far better than most elite teams are able to accomplish in a season – is Draymond Green. Yes, Steph Curry is an MVP leader right now, and Klay Thompson is a lethal sidekick for Curry in the backcourt, but Green does a lot of the things Kawhi Leonard does for San Antonio. He is that player for the Warriors, knitting together the team on both offense and defense and providing floor balance for Golden State. The Warriors are 18-1 at home, easily the best in the league. They’re likely to get homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs. They have a great chance.

3. Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks are clearly the best team in the East, a full five games clear of second-place Washington and 6.5 games ahead of third-place Toronto. The Hawks have beaten Washington, Toronto, and fourth-place Chicago all in the past few weeks. They have had answers for every question posed to them. They have a differential of almost seven points. They are 17-5 on the road, which is what a title contender manages to do. They have balanced scoring and have won 13 in a row. They play eight of their next nine games at home and should be able to get to a record of 40-10 when they start their next big road trip. They’re very likely to be the top seed in the East and make the Finals.