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basketball betting article

The NBA Versus College Basketball: Same Game, Different Betting Factors

While betting on the NBA or college basketball may appear to be pretty much the same thing, the two disciplines actually have about as much in common as the three-point shot and the three-second...

basketball betting article

Betting NBA Futures

Having had their screenplay for a fourth consecutive NBA Championship rejected last June, you just knew that the Lakers were going to add a few new leading men to their cast and submit a fresh script...

basketball betting article

March Madness 2003

If you were nuts in January, crazy in February and plan on being insane in April, then understanding the intricacies of March Madness may be as simple as merely going a few days without your Prozac....

basketball betting article

Betting College Basketball

Take away the poorly dressed, sweat-drenched coaches and the relatively ink-free, pimpled face players who have yet to sign their first million dollar contracts and college basketball, which tips off...